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Did you know? - Emergency Response Location

Did you know that our dog park is an emergency extraction site designated by Mason county emergency management services?

Wow, that is pretty cool if you ask me! Mason county emergency management services has designated our very own large dog park area as a landing site for helicopters in life saving emergency situations. It is nice to know that they are looking out for us!

But if we are out there with our pups and a helicopter shows up, what are we supposed to do? Well, I've got your answers right here.


Step 1: Follow instructions.

If emergency personnel arrive before the helicopter does, please listen to any directions they give you.

Step 2: Clear the area.

The helicopter is going to need a wide-open clear place to land without obstructions or potential flying debris. You'd be shocked how much air a helicopter puts off. It'll move around all sorts of stuff and no one needs that.

So, grab your pup AND any toys or other loose objects and move to either the small dog area or your vehicle. We don't recommend that you drive away just yet since there is a good chance that you may meet additional emergency vehicles on the narrow dirt road leading to the park.

Step 3: Be respectful and patient.

Remember, if a helicopter has been sent, someone's life is in serious danger. Be assured that the emergency crews are working as fast as they can to move that person the hospital. You'll be able to get back to playing fetch soon enough!

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